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Robert Schuman leds the Parade

Europe's Day Parade brings Historical Figures to the Carmelite Quarter

Qui, 02/05/2019 - 11:34

9th may

 Europe's Day Parade brings Historical Figures to the Carmelite Quarter

The CCDR-N, as Managing Authority of NORTE 2020, marks Europe Day with a Parade at the Carmelite Quarters in Porto, led by the historical figure of Robert Schuman, a politician who marked the beginning of the union of European countries, in an allusion to the affirmation of European identity. The performance, which begins at 3:00 p.m., at the Clérigos Tower, will be attended by other historical figures who will show the impact of the implementation of European policies in the Northe Region and, in particular, the return of European funds.

Nicolau Nasoni, Luís Vaz de Camões and Marie Curie join the Europe’s Day Parade, which will have stops next to the Lello Bookstore and the University of Porto, ending at 6:00 pm in the Lions Square. The results of the investment of the European funds, in particular in the companies, the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge and also in the cultural and natural heritage are communicated.

The initiative is part of the #EUinmyRegion campaign launched by the European Commission to raise awareness among European citizens about the projects that have been supported in their regions with the aim of making them more competitive.

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